Attempting a thru-hike on any long-distance trail is challenging to say the least. Whether you meet a friend along the way, start with a companion, develop a love interest or start with your significant other, the hike will push your thresholds, patience, and endurance. However, the rewards of accomplishing such an ambitious endeavor are beyond anything you could imagine. One word that comes to mind: sacrifice. The trail heals and provides but… Read More

During the past year, I have received many incredible opportunities. I have been asked to partake in television interviews, magazine interviews, mentorship programs, and ambassadorships. I am more than honored with each request received and take every opportunity seriously. Before I commit to an interview, or represent a particular brand, I take the time to consider my options and to evaluate the brand and offer. As such, there have been some opportunities… Read More

During my recent thru-hike of the PCT, I knew almost immediately that I had to continue thru-hiking. Thru-hiking has become a way of life, it is my passion, and it now runs deeply through my veins. I have an insatiable thirst and hunger for more adventure, and a craving for the deep wild. My quest is not for the social aspect of the trail, but for a more isolated adventure. Naturally, I am… Read More

As the year comes to an end, I write my final blog entry for my 2014 Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike. I am now a thru-hiker.  I hiked 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada on a trail that brought me to life. Starting the trail, I did not know the questions to ask, and now that I’ve completed my journey, I do not have the words to explain all that my eyes have… Read More

PCT 2014 Gear List *Note: This is my final gear list for the PCT. During the hike I eliminated and/or exchanged certain gear to accommodate my developing hiking style. I will have a comprehensive gear review in the next few days with a link posted here and will also post via social media. Sleep System: Western Mountaineering Alpinlite 20 degree, 29oz. YAMA Mountain Gear Terraform Cubenfiber Tarp, 11oz. (Dirtmonger carried)** Bug Netting 10oz. (*Carried for… Read More

Days after writing my blog entry ‘Abandoned‘ I received hundreds of emails from people I’ve never met in my life applauding me for stepping forward and expressing to me their own personal demons and pain. Friends sent me text messages and emails explaining how they too thought I had abandoned my life, or in their eyes I was fleeing from all I knew, yet all followed with an apology for having those… Read More

Known for cold weather, rain, snow, tough terrain and beautiful mind-blowing scenery, Washington did not disappoint. Washington blew my mind. My feet and achilles were thrashed. My psyche was on overdrive. The lure and magnetic pull of the Canadian border was astounding, playing on all senses. The days were filled with bountiful beauty and we were blessed with the most magnificent weather. We experienced torrential downpours 2 out of the 25-days we… Read More

Mile 2,303 This hike has been beautiful, challenging, profound, and life changing. Despite the physical injuries the most difficult aspect has been the mental challenges. I have personally faced many days where I wanted to quit for a multitude of reasons. There are also challenges that the trail will present on logistics and what is the right way of completing this long distance hike when faced with circumstances. I hold this journey… Read More

Mile 2,237 We are married. We are in Washington. Life is good. The weather is humid, and it’s oh so hot. The Mosquitos are rampant throughout the trail, and most sections are quite overgrown, but we are in Washington! We take a nearo in Trout Lake to rest my feet. I now have plantar fasciitis, awesome. Throughout the hike I’ve struggled with feet pain just like everyone else. I’ve gone through 6-pairs… Read More

Going through life I’ve always felt a great calling, a yearning, a burning desire to wander, to explore and to conquer. As I prepared for my greatest journey, I prepared to break away from all that bound me. I prepared to be broken. I prepared to be vulnerable. I prepared to be open and to embrace my absoluteness in every shape and form. What I was not prepared for was the greatest… Read More


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