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My name is April Sylva, but on trail I am known as ‘Bearclaw’. Born and raised in Oklahoma I am an avid adventurer and lover of the outdoors.  Prior to discovering long distance hiking I was living and breathing the corporate world in oil & gas. My prior life was never conducive to my mind or soul. I was constantly seeking more with a burning desire to explore knowing life held more for me than sitting behind a desk 12-hours a day. It was in 2014 that I made the leap of faith and left my 18-year career to begin my journey as a long-distance hiker.


My first long-distance trail that inspired me to pursue my love of adventure was the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). During my journey on the PCT I immediately knew I had to have more.  After I completed hiking all 2,660 miles of the PCT, I flew halfway around the world to Corsica and hiked the GR20, Europe’s toughest trek. This trek was beautiful, rugged, tough.


After the GR20, I moved to the beautiful mountains of Colorado. The GR20 and the PCT left me longing for another long distance hike, but one with more isolation, more challenges, so naturally the only trail that made sense is the Continental Divide Trail (CDT).


My journey begins April 2015 and I am hiking the trail north bound from Mexico to Canada solo. There will be many challenges that I will face such as changing elements from the heat of the desert to the monsoons in New Mexico. I will face the snow levels in the San Juan mountains and the exposed ridge lines of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The wildlife of grizzly bears begin in Wyoming and will last through Montana, and not to mention the other abundant wildlife that I hope to experience.


If  you want to know more about the CDT and all I will experience, you can follow by blog as I will journal as often as possible form the trail. Here’s to another great adventure!

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