Known for cold weather, rain, snow, tough terrain and beautiful mind-blowing scenery, Washington did not disappoint. Washington blew my mind. My feet and achilles were thrashed. My psyche was on overdrive. The lure and magnetic pull of the Canadian border was astounding, playing on all senses. The days were filled with bountiful beauty and we were blessed with the most magnificent weather. We experienced torrential downpours 2 out of the 25-days we… Read More

Mile 2,303 This hike has been beautiful, challenging, profound, and life changing. Despite the physical injuries the most difficult aspect has been the mental challenges. I have personally faced many days where I wanted to quit for a multitude of reasons. There are also challenges that the trail will present on logistics and what is the right way of completing this long distance hike when faced with circumstances. I hold this journey… Read More

Mile 2,237 We are married. We are in Washington. Life is good. The weather is humid, and it’s oh so hot. The Mosquitos are rampant throughout the trail, and most sections are quite overgrown, but we are in Washington! We take a nearo in Trout Lake to rest my feet. I now have plantar fasciitis, awesome. Throughout the hike I’ve struggled with feet pain just like everyone else. I’ve gone through 6-pairs… Read More

Going through life I’ve always felt a great calling, a yearning, a burning desire to wander, to explore and to conquer. As I prepared for my greatest journey, I prepared to break away from all that bound me. I prepared to be broken. I prepared to be vulnerable. I prepared to be open and to embrace my absoluteness in every shape and form. What I was not prepared for was the greatest… Read More

Mile 1,765 I’ve been battling excruciating stomach pain, massive weight loss, and nausea on the trail for 13-days now. I can feel my bones sticking out, and see myself deteriorating away, but I keep hiking, 30+ miles a day. It’s hot as hell out here, but we’re in Oregon now and the heat doesn’t have shit on me…but it does. I’m stubborn. I’m determined. I will not quit. I will exhaust myself… Read More

Mile 1,726 Blogging has not been convenient out here on trail. I have several posts sitting in my draft queue waiting to be published, but my cell phone battery has not upheld out here as well as it should. My apologies. Since my last entry much has happened. The days are longer and the nights are warmer. We are now in Oregon, and trucking along. The Mosquitos are out, gnats are flying… Read More

Mile 1,100 Finishing up the Sierra section of the PCT is like entering a new world. Time is flying by out here. Being on trail in the Sierra felt surreal. The trail is like a familiar blanket the envelops you and welcomes you home. The major passes and snow seem miles and months behind, yet is was all within the last 2-weeks. The terrain has transformed to wet meadows, muddy trail, mosquitos… Read More

Mile 903.5 Waking to the sound of Mountain Chickadees I open my eyes and see the massive pine trees tower above me. The crisp morning air kisses my face, and the smell of the evenings camp fire lingers. My heart is heavy without my love by my side. My soul does not understand time, only the longing for my other half, my soulmate who is also all the wild within me. My… Read More

Forester Pass was incredible, and the most terrifying experience on trail. I hiked it solo, not knowing the level of difficulty I was in for, and without any real snow experience. I lost the trail multiple times before reaching the first switchback, and was freezing from the river crossing that soaked me from my feet to my knees. Al I knew is that I had to keep moving forward. Once I reached… Read More

Mile 750 We’ve weathered through the storm, and reassessed our food supply and my back pain, and we decided to make a stop in Lone Pine yesterday. Back pain has been alleviated by changing backpacks, again, but this time I was correctly sized, and I firmly believe this is the end to the suffering… We ended the “desert” section (first 700 miles) in Kennedy Meadows with an awesome 36-mile day, and with… Read More

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